About Maui Education

All Department of Education schools are rolled into what's known as a Complex: A high school and the elementary and middle schools that feed into it. Anywhere from two to four Complexes are grouped into a Complex Area, which has its own Complex Area Superintendent (CAS) and support staff. The CAS reports to the Deputy Superintendent in the state office.

The initiatives and programs of the Baldwin-Kekaulike-Maui Complex Area, a school district comprised of 20 schools, are coordinated by a series of leaders who are focused on hitting the Strategic Plan's goals.


Complex Core .

Vision .

Maui’s students are educated, healthy, and joyful lifelong learners who contribute positively to our community and global society.


General Learner Outcomes .

The overarching goals of standards-based learning for all students in all grade levels. Effort, work habits and behaviors are acknowledged to be a key component of developing successful, ethical and lifelong learners.


The Strategic Plan .

The Strategic Plan, developed by the Department and the Board of Education, is the mechanism by which the state delivers on the promise of its mission. The monthly scorecard measures our progress on the many strategies that we expect will deliver Student Success, Staff Success and Successful Systems of Support.


Mission and Values .

We serve our community by developing the academic achievement, character and social-emotional well-being of our students to the fullest potential. We work with partners, families and communities to ensure that all students reach their aspirations, from early learning through college, career and citizenship.

Maui seeks for its students to meet and exceed world-class academic standards, and do so in a way that reflects our island perspective. Maui’s students have strengths and abilities unique to an island home, with a tradition of stewardship, community, and mutual responsibility. We will cultivate, advance, and draw from Hawaii’s rich traditions and Native Hawaiian host culture.

We believe every child is unique and deserves an excellent education — one that develops the whole student. Students succeed when their specific needs are met and their innate gifts and abilities are nurtured.
We learn from many sources and in many ways. Hawaii provides abundant real-world learning environments relevant for success in a culturally diverse, technologically complex, and interdependent global society.
Education is a responsibility shared by all and the best results come when we work together with aloha, respect, integrity, and openness.
We see students as part of an extended ohana, the environment, a larger community and a global society. Maui students value these connections and become stewards to help make our world a better place.

Faculty and Staff .


Enroll Now .

Sending students to a new school system is a very exciting time — which for some can also mean a stressful time. Everything you need to know to enroll in our public school system can be found here.